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Canoe Sprint Junior World Championships in 1997
Preparation of Canoe Sprint Junior World Championships in 1997.

Vesisamoilijat Canoeing Club was founded in 1950. Paying membership has involved more than 420 persons yearly. Youth activities are focused on the competition and training. Adult activities are weekly canoeing on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as variable-length canoe touring around the Finnish. We organize national championships in many different disciplines yearly. Our main achievement was to organize Junior World Championships in 1997. 

The Olympian, Mrs Jenni Mikkonen, is our member born in Lahti. Mr Risto Lehtinen is the member of ICF Canoe Sprint Committee. Our president of honour, Mr Yrjö Hämäläinen has been awarded as ICF Badge of Merit #16 in 2004.

Canoeing our club aims to fulfill the wishes of our members and guests. Most of the members appreciate voluntary work for the development of young athletes and facilities for canoeing. If you want challenges, we can offer them. Exercises in pure nature and self-overcoming offer emotions which can not easily get anywhere else. We want to share with you the best experience in canoeing. In good company.

We have two canoe center including about 300 canoe seats: one for competitive canoeing and another for recreational activitiesOur society can send a 
rental fleet up to 100 canoeists on Lake Vesijärvi.

Please use Google translate service on bottom right corner to get familiar to our services and events. We may accommodate small groups, rent canoeing equipment, guide your tours to pure Finnish nature or offer you extreme competition of Lahti Midnight Ultra Marathon (singles and teams, 50 kms, 100 kms and 24 hours).

Have a look to our present services in the City of Lahti, Finland.

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